Comune di Prato, Italy

Prato is an urban community in Tuscany totalling 370,000 inhabitants including its Province. The population of the province area in mainly concentrated in the Prato City area that counts around 180.000 inhabitants.

Paolo Boscolo in 1992 he joined the Comune di Prato as head of the Telecommunications group, which deals with:

– Installation, configuration and management of all distributed computing facilities;

– planning and management of multi-protocol data transmission networks inside the municipality offices and at city level (among all the seats of the Comune di Prato).

During the last 10 years he contributed to setting up a Metropolitan Area Network using proprietary fibre optic cable and leased lines. With Comune di Prato he took part to several European Project initiatives in the field of advanced IT infrastructures, with the role of contact point in the administration in close contact with the external project coordinators.

Giorgio Prister, President of Major Cities of Europe organization. Giorgio Prister is President of Major Cities of Europe since 2008 (

Elena Palmisano works as a consultant with several bodies, like PIN Scrl (a public/private Consortium managing the University of Florence site in Prato), the National Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT) and the University of Florence and she has taken part in many regional, national and EU projects in the field of innovation technology, ICT applications in different contexts, such as infomobility, e- government and cultural heritage.